nails enhancements

All prices may vary depending on length, Design & Material

Powder Dip (On Natural Nails) $50

Powder Dip New Set with Tips $60

Solar/ UV Gel Fill $50

Solar/ UV Gel New Set $60

Bio Gel New Set (No Heat) $70

Bio Gel Fill (No Heat) $60

pres Gel X New Set (No Fill with Gel X, fresh new set every time)

-free remove               $70

Bio Gel/ Poly Gel Overlay $55

Solar/ UV Gel Overlay $50

Builder Base Only (No Shellac) $35

Builder Base Add On $10

Chrome or Ombre $10 

Nails Art / Marble $10 to $45 depend on design and total fingers

Acrylic/ Dipping Nail Removal redo $6

Acrylic/ Dipping Nail Removal only $15

French design $10 and up

Paraffin Mask $12

Medium – Long Nails  $5 and up

Shellac add on Pedi/Mani $17

Shellac on it’s own Hands/ Toes $ 25/30

Shellac redone on it’s own Hands/ Toes $30/35

Nails Trim only (Hand/Toes) $15

Cuticle Trim Add On $10

Nail Repair $7/ Nail

Shellac remove not redo $10