Being a Force for Good

Being a Force for Good - EPOCH NATURAL PRODUCT

In his 1993 convention speech, co-founder Blake Roney shared his vision of what Nu Skin would become. He saw Nu Skin as more than a health and beauty industry leader. We could improve lives throughout the world. Distilling the company values into a single moniker, he coined the phrase “force for good.” Soon, this idea grew into an official Nu Skin initiative known as the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation.

From its modest beginnings, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has grown into a robust 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States, providing grants to our charity partners that benefit children in more than 50 countries. Some of our key initiatives include providing children with life-saving heart surgeries in Asia, crucial eye care in Latin America and truly sustainable futures for families in Africa. But our endeavors don’t stop there—we’re always looking for meaningful ways to grow our global force for good.